Columbus Day 2016 Quotes, funny Jokes, Inspirational Sayings


Columbus Day 2016 Quotes, funny Jokes, Inspirational Sayings :- Here on the eve of Columbus Day Weekend 2016 we will provide you There are many beliefs popular about Christopher Columbus, even after so many years of his death, he is still surrounded by so many controversies. Here we are going to share the Columbus Day 2016 Quotes Some people believe that he was a preacher of Jesus Christ and was a great intelligent explorer, while some believe that he was a cruel man who treated Native Americans as slave; because of this reason only about twenty-two states in America still do not celebrate Columbus Day as they are the ancestors of Native Americans. So below we are going to share some Columbus Day Funny Quotes and Columbus Day Famous Quotes too at one place.

Columbus Day 2016 Quotes

By prevailing over all obstacles

and distractions,11

one may unfailingly

arrive at his chosen goal or destination.

Columbus Day Quotes 2016!!


I am a most noteworthy sinner, but I have

cried out to the Lord for grace and mercy,

and they have covered me completely.

I have found the sweetest consolation since

I made it my whole purpose to

enjoy His marvellous Presence.

Columbus Day Quotes 2016!!

Columbus was interested in travelling through water from his teenage, he belonged to a middle-class Italian family and all time he was waiting for a right opportunity to fulfill his passion as his pocket didn’t allow him to go on the sail and when he kept his ideas in front of anyone, they laughed at him and considered him fool, finally he earned faith of king and queen of Spain. King wanted to extend the import export of spices in Asia so for that he wanted a route to reach Asia in lesser time. Columbus with his team of ninety started sailing and after five weeks of sail they were unable to find any land, his team told him to go back to Spain otherwise they will get lost, he ordered them to sail for three more days otherwise they will go back, and on the night of the third day they reached land. Columbus kneeled down and kissed the land after reaching there. He thought it to be Asia, according to him he was somewhere in India. You can also share these Columbus Day Funny eCard and Columbus Day Pictures with your friend by sharing this page on social media.When he came back to Spain nobody knew about his great search and people disliked him because he was back without finding any route. He kept on exploring more; later on, he went for a sail with his son and his friends. Before his death, he wrote his journal which is now kept in the library.

Columbus Day Motivational Messages

Based on his story there are many sayings about him, some are against him and some are in his favor.Above we had already shared Funny Columbus Day Quotes and Columbus Day Sayings 2016 so enjoy the collection on the Christopher Columbus Eve 2016. Also in our upcoming posts we will be sharing some more articles on Columbus Day Activities and Columbus Day Weekend 2016.

There are many sayings and slogans available on internet like every trade company which is having trade with America owe a big thanks to Columbus and many more slogans telling the world that it’s just of him we have a beautiful place.

He was the one who had given a meaning to globe by finding the continent America.

There are many funny sayings too available on internet and some are very inspirational as they totally link the holy book bible.

Some are sayings about the great place America while some say about the exploration and discovery slogans.

Happy Columbus Day Greeting Cards

Columbus Day 2016 Quotes, funny Jokes, Inspirational Sayings Columbus Day 2016 Quotes, funny Jokes, Inspirational Sayings Columbus Day 2016 Quotes, funny Jokes, Inspirational Sayings Columbus Day 2016 Quotes, funny Jokes, Inspirational Sayings Columbus Day 2016 Quotes, funny Jokes, Inspirational Sayings

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As the answer to every next question is Google so just surf the best Columbus Day sayings for this year.


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