Gandhi jayanti 2016 quotes status sms in Hindi for fb whatsapp


Gandhi jayanti 2016 quotes status sms in Hindi for fb whatsapp:- Hello, guys today we provide a link about the Gandhi jayanti 2016. In this year we celebrate the occasion of the Gandhi jayanti. There is various type of way to celebrate a Gandhi jayanti 2016 India have a famous festival which is created by on 2nd October. Gandhi is a freedom fighter he was a man who made a free India from British rule. There we are celebrating a Gandhi jayanti with various type of solution today in the world approximate 90% people will be used a social networking. There we provide a link to share with the friend’s circle and having enjoyed with these sites link quotes Gandhi jayanti 2016. There is various type of languages are linked in Hindi quotes, English quotes, and other languages also available in this sites which are you used to share your friend and giving blessing about Gandhi jayanti. Quotes are the best way to share your relative and friend circle. there is we provide a link to change your status and post social sites which create more fun link having Gandhi jayanti 2016 status. India is a developing country which is growing up very fast that’s why we provide to change your status on the Whatsapp and post on this occasion status on the Facebook. Status is a change on this occasion Gandhi jayanti and having a fun and enjoy this status. There are also available in different languages like Hindi status, English status, Punjabi status and other languages also found if you want. Actually, some people on this occasion Gandhi jayanti 2016 sending an sms your friend on Facebook and other sites link also available Gandhi is a famous guy which is every people know about. Then in India’s people having celebrated a Gandhi jayanti. In this year every Indian people to give wishes on your relative with new content of the sms in Hindi for fb Gandhi jayanti 2016. In new generation having a new stuff which provides we are then why you do not enjoy with the new generation which is having a something new. And every people used Facebook there was content give you that s post on this sites there is a link which provides you have used in sending a message type our relative which is sms in Hindi for fb. Gandhi jayanti is that occasion in which we people give a blessed on the heritance of the Gandhi Ji. Then why people not give the respect of the Gandhi and having celebrate with this content which is Gandhi jayanti 2016.

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Gandhi jayanti 2016 Status in Hindi For Friends

Whenever I see an erring man, I say 2 myself I have also erred; when I see a lustful man I say 2 myself, so was I once; & in this way, I feel a kinship with everyone in the world & feel that I cannot be happy without the humblest of us being happy.

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody will see it.

First, they ignore u, then they laugh at u, then they fight u, then u win.

My faith runs so very much faster than my reason that I can challenge the whole world & say, ‘God is, was & ever shall be’.


u can chain me, u can 2rture me, u can even destroy this body, but u will never imprison my mind.

It’s Oct 2, B’day Of Mahatma Gandhi.
One of the Greatest Human ever born in India. Let’s Salute the Great Soul. Jai Hind!!!

Gandhi jayanti 2016 Quotes in Hindi For Friends

Jisaki sochal ne kar,
Diya kamal desh ka,
Badal gaya surate hal,
Sabne boli satya aur
ahinsa ki boli,
Har gali me jali videshi,
Vastuon ki holi,
Gandhi Jayanti sms 2016 Mubarak……..
Piche mude bina hi,
Jisne jeena sikha diya,
Us mahan aatma ka ,
Aaj Janamdin aa gaya.
Gandhi Jayanti sms 2016 Mubarak…

Jo Bhagwan ko nhi manta
Use me Insaan nhi manta aur,
Jo G&hiji ko nhi manta,
Use me Indian nhi manta.
Wishing all Indians.

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Gandhi jayanti 2016 quotes status sms in Hindi for fb whatsapp Gandhi jayanti 2016 quotes status sms in Hindi for fb whatsapp Gandhi jayanti 2016 quotes status sms in Hindi for fb whatsapp Gandhi jayanti 2016 quotes status sms in Hindi for fb whatsapp

Gandhi jayanti 2016 will be celebrated on 2nd October because in this day Gandhi was born. He was a child that make an India live together with happiness. When we are talking about the freedom fighter then the first name found that was MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI. Indian people giving a small name which is called BAPU. Every people called a Gandhi Ji is Bapu. 2nd October in India every place will celebrate Gandhi jayanti. In school student given a deliver a Gandhi Jayanti speech on this occasion to give a respect a Gandhi Ji and in this day all over the India having a vacation just because of Gandhi jayanti. I hope in this year we are celebrating with the new content and the stuff. I hope you fully enjoy this stuff if you want more content then please give a comment on the comment box. There are we daily provide the best content for you. And please if you like this link which is we are provide then please pressing a button on SHARE and post the link to various social sites like a g-mail, Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter and other networking sites which you are used and want a more content and stuff then please visiting our sites and having enjoyed or fun your friends to share the link which gives you Gandhi jayanti 2016 quotes to share on the ground circle which is the best part for your friend we are providing new stuff. Status Gandhi jayanti also best content available and enjoy our sites to change status on the Gandhi’s birthday. Another part that was sms in Hindi for fb that is important everyone makes an account today life. I hope you are fun this content and please share it. Thank you guys and HAPPY GANDHI JAYANTI 2016.


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