Gandhi Jayanti Speech Essay Paragraph in Hindi English for student


Gandhi Jayanti Speech Essay Paragraph in Hindi English for School College student:- Gandhi Ji about we all know that he was a first freedom fighter of the India which is make free from the Britisher rule. About Gandhi Jayanti Speech we are provided with Gandhi jayanti Biography In Hindi we celebrate the Gandhi’s birthday which is coming on of second October. Gandhi Jayanti many people know about the Gandhi which makes a struggle in his life to make an independent. Gandhi Jayanti Speech we are used to delivering a speech about the Gandhi on the occasion the Gandhi jayanti Biography In Hindi and speech. there we provide a link to enjoy this content with help to celebrate a Gandhi jayanti 2016 Biography In Hindi and speech . About Gandhi Jayanti Speech you are used to school student which is delivered in this year Gandhi Ji Biography In Hindi. Gandhi Ji Biography In Hindi is also most important we are given a best a content which makes a best in this Gandhi jayanti. Gandhi Ji Biography is a related on this history and which is create for a country. Gandhi jayanti Biography In Hindi and speech  we are live in India which is best for our people Gandhi Ji that person which is having a lot of work in his life which makes a win to the Gandhi Ji Speech. Gandhi Ji Biography In Hindi is a make a beautiful story about the Gandhi there we provide about the Gandhi which makes best in this year Gandhi jayanti 2016 with the About Gandhi Jayanti Speech  and  Gandhi Ji Biography In Hindi and celebrate a Gandhi Jayanti 2016 with a truthfully or peace. About Gandhi Jayanti Speech essay article biography of Gandhi Ji in Hindi English Gandhi Jayanti history.

Gandhi Jayanti Speech Essay Paragraph in Hindi English for student

Gandhi Jayanti Speech For School Students

Gandhi Jayanti Speech Essay Paragraph in Hindi English for student


Gandhi Jayanti Essay & Paragraph in Hindi

Gandhi Jayanti Har saal 2 October ko manya jata h. Yah bharat mai Rashtriy Tyohar ke roop mai manya jata h. Gandhi Jayanti Prati varsh rashtrapita mahatma Gandhi ki janm tithi par unki smruti ko kayam rakhnahi ke liya manya jata h. Gandhi ji ka pura nam Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi tha. Vah bharat ka swatantrya sangram mai apnahi amulya yogdan ke lie janahi jate h. Unki sachch or imandari ke sidhdhanto ko aaj b yaad kiya jata h. Mahatma Gandhi ek tivrata sakriya vyaktitv tha.

Rashtrapita mahatma Gandhi ahinsa ke bute par aazadi dilanahi mai bharat ke hiro h. Gandhiji nahi satya ko apnahi jivan mai bachpan se hi apnaya tha. Bharat desh Gandhiji ko Bapu or Rashtra Pita jaise namo se sambodhit krta h.

Aaj Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti ke avasar par aaie is desh ke mahapurush Gandhi ji ko yaad kare or unhe shrdhdhanjali de.

Gandhi Jayanti Speech Essay Paragraph in Hindi English for student

Gandhi Ji Biography in English

Mahatma G&hi was a great visionary. His ideals have always been a source of inspiration for all of us. He was born on 2nd Oct. 1869 in Porb&ar, Gujarat. With the course of time, he turned 2 be an extremely respected spiritual as well as political leader. His non-violent ways helped Indians 2 gain independence & break the chains of British slavery. No wonder, he is honored as the Father of the nation. Mahatma G&hi’s biography gives us a chance 2 look in2 the life of this great leader & human being.Mahatma G&hi was married 2 Kasturbai Makanji at the age of 13. After matriculation, the ung Moh&as Karamch& G&hi joined Samaldas College in Bhavnagar. Before leaving India he vowed his mother 2 observe abstinence against wine, women & meat. After studying law in London, he came back 2 India in 1891 2 practice.  He returned 2 India in 1915. He also did incredible work 2 improve the condition of the Un2uchables

Gandhi Jayanti Speech Essay Paragraph in Hindi English for student
He started Satyagraha campaign in India in 1919 2 protests the Rowlatt Acts. In 1920 he started Non-Cooperation movement against British but ended it in 1922. After 1922 he became the central figure in the Indian National Congress. Several times the British arrested him for his activities but his respect among people increased day-by-day.
He commenced Quit India Movement in 19for2 which resulted in India’s independence in 19for7. During India’s partition, there was immense bloodshed between Hindus & Muslims. He had been a supporter of a unified nation where all the religious views were respected & people of all religions live 2gether in harmony.
Before he could enjoy breathing in free India, a Hindu fanatic, Nathuram Godse assassinated him on 30th Jan 1930. Mahatma G&hi’s biography speaks volumes about him. This biography is a tribute 2 Mahatma G&hi. A big salute 2 this immortal gift 2 humanity.

Gandhi Jayanti Speech Essay Paragraph in Hindi English for student

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