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Good Friday Quotes, Sayings & Thoughts: Hii, Guys, Wish you all very Happy Good Friday 2017. We have come again with the best stuff of Happy Good Friday Quotes and Happy Good Friday Sayings, hope that our collection of Good Friday 2017 Quotes, sayings & thoughts will like you. Let’s come to the topic. Good Friday 2017 will celebrate this year on 9th April in all over the world. Every year Good Friday celebrates before the Easter Sunday. For the Christian Comunity, the Good Friday is very important eve and they celebrate with great enthusiasm. On this eve people gives special treat and dinner to their friends, family members and spend time with them. Happy Good Friday SMS

Good Friday Quotes

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We do not attach any intrinsic value to the Cross; this would be sinful and idolatrous. Our veneration is referred to Him who died upon it.

James Gibbons

 Good Friday and Easter free us to think about other things far beyond our own personal fate, about the ultimate meaning of all life, suffering, and events; and we lay hold of a great hope.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

 The Cross was the manifestation of Divine love without reserve or limit; but it was also the expression of man’s unutterable malignity.

Sir Robert Anderson

Good Friday Quotes, Sayings & Thoughts For Facebook

Good Friday Sayings

Sayings are the best way to express yours feeling. If you want to wish anyone with Sayings on Good Friday so this Happy Good Friday Sayings will help you to express your feeling to wish each other.

The dripping blood our only drink,The bloody flesh our only food:In spite of which we like to thinkThat we are sound, substantial flesh and blood -Again, in spite of that, we call this Friday good.

T.S. Eliot

 If Christ is God, He cannot sin, and if suffering was a sin in and by itself, He could not have suffered and died for us. However, since He took the most horrific death to redeem us, He showed us in fact that suffering and pain have great power.

E.A. Bucchianeri

 Christ has not only spoken to us by his life but has also spoken for us by his death.

Soren Kierkegaard

 Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus. The unblemished lamb, the perfect sacrifice. He took our guilt and blame upon Himself so we could be with Him in paradise.


Good Friday Thoughts

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GOOD FRIDAY in my heart!
Fear & affright My thoughts are the Disciples
when they fled My words the words that
priest & soldier said My deed the spear to desecrate the dead

Today is Friday . . .
the day of acceptance of Dua!
I pray to ALLAH for u nd ur family a good health,
long life, brilliant success, Barkat-e-Kaseer in ur Jan-o-Mal,
Izzat, Eeman, Sehat, Rizq, Elm and Umr and all joys of life
which u have ever wished.
Jumma mubarak

NABI KAREEM (S.A.W) Ne Farmaya:
“Log Jumma Kay Choor Deney Se Baaz Aa Jayen,
Nahi To ALLAH Un K Diloon Par Mohar Kr Dega,
Ke Woh Ghaafiloon Main Se Ho Jayen Gaay.”

He bore it all in silence Bcoz
He held us dear May He recieve our regards May our Prayers he hear…
Celebrate Good Friday!

Good Friday Quotes, Sayings & Thoughts For Facebook

Readers, We again wish you Happy Good Friday 2017. To celebrate Good Friday peacefully and full of joy. To give a special treat to your loved ones on this eve and spend time happily. Hope that our post, Good Friday Quotes, Sayings & Thoughts will like you. If you really think that our collection is good so pls don’t forget to share it to another person.


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