[Navratri] Happy Durga Puja Wishes Quotes Greetings in Bengali


[Navratri] Happy Durga Puja Wishes, Quotes, Greetings in Bengali: Welcome you all friends to our site where you find the all the details information, wishes of Navratri OR Durga Puja. Navratri festival is celebrated across the globe where Indian peoples are settled, there are two Navratri are celebrates one has fallen in Marathi month Vaishakha and next is coming in few days in the month of Ashwin. Many parts of India celebrate Ashwin Navratri festival which will start from 21st September 2017 and Dusshara OR Dasara OR Vijayadashami is going to celebrate on 30th September 2017.

For performing the Durga Puja 2017 we are going to give you the stuff related Durga Pooja. Here you will find most recent and redesigned Durga Puja Messages In Bengali OF Navratri SMS Wishes in Bengali, that you can share your friends and families on the occasion of this biggest festival of Navratri 2017. Let’s look at the brief Story of Navratri Festival,  Durga is lord of Hindus And she killed Mahisasure evil presence, the war is executed for 9 days and on 10th day Maa Durga Killed Mahishasure so the day is celebrated as Vijayadashami. That is the reason all Hindus observing Durga Puja & performs fasting for 9 days. In our site, you will likewise discover the Durga Puja Bengali Wishes, Happy Navratri Quotes Wishes Bengali. So you can utilize this stuff to wishes your loved ones or you can likewise send this  Durga Puja 2017 Wishes & Happy Navratri Wishes 2017 to your loved ones.

Happy Durga Puja Wishes in Bengali

Durga Pooja OR Navratri is also celebrated because of Maa Durga Win over malevolent and bring upbeat and light for each on in this day all god free from the principle of Mahishasur evil spirit. Mahishasur was so cruller and hart less he needs to manage over world yet Maa Durga slaughter him and give flexibility. So, guys, this is the reason why Durga puja celebrate by Hindus. It is likewise celebration of Hindus they truly commend this celebration in the huge minor. So look at the Happy Navratri wishes in Bengali & Happy Durga Puja Wishes in Bengali in our upcoming header.

$hiuli Phuler g@ndhe jeno bh0re gelo m0n,
$ubhro sitol ka$her $obhaye jur@lo du n@yan,
Agomonir b@rta b0ye b@jche dh@ker $ur,
$harodiyar dingulo h0k @nondo m0dhur !
$ubh0 Durg@ Puj@ !

$h@stithe khu$hir @mej,
$aptamite n@chgan, @shtami
r N@bamite p@ray p@ray ghure be@no,
r d@sh@mite bid@yer $ure k@da.
$hubho Bijoy@!

Durga Pooja Messages in Bengali

Jib0n h0k m0dhur,
@sha h0k purn0,
$wapno h0k $hotti…
Din gul0 $hundor!
J@nai ek h@ndi $hubhecha!
$hubho B!joy@!

$isir bhej@ bh0rer b@tash @re jh0lm0le rod niye elo khu$hir @mej 0 pujor @nondo.
Puj0 k@tuk $hob@r hull0r,
@dda r pujo p0rikromar @nonde.

Debir @gom0ne t0m@r jib0n h0ye uthuk $hundor.
Durg@ Puj0r @ntorik $huvechh@ j@n@i

$hiuli phuler g0ndhe meteche $h@ra @kash.
K@sh phul @re gh@sher dol@y bojh@ gel0 m@yer p@dadhw@ni.
Pujor @ntorik $huvechh@ j@nai tom@ke!

Happy Durga Puja greetings Cards

[Navratri] Happy Durga Puja Wishes, Quotes, Greetings in Bengali
[Navratri] Happy Durga Puja Wishes, Quotes, Greetings in Bengali [Navratri] Happy Durga Puja Wishes, Quotes, Greetings in Bengali

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