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Happy Dussehra Quotes Wishes Messages Greetings Whatsapp Status:- We all celebrate when good marks its victory over bad or evil and the same is the reason behind the celebration of the Dusshera 2016 festival or also called as Vijaya Dashami.Dussehra marks the victory of Lord Rama over the devil king Ravana. Dasara is an auspicious festival in the calendar of the Hindus and the festival is celebrated by the Hindus all over the world.

In the old or the ancient time there was a king, namely “Rama” who along with his wife goddess “Sita” and brother “Laxman” stayed or lived in the forest due to Vanvas. During this period of time devil king, “Ravana” know about the beauty of goddess Sita and comes to the forest in order to capture or steal goddess Sita from lord Rama and takes her away. This unacceptable act of Ravana makes lord Rama angry and in order to bring goddess Sita back from Ravana lord Rama attacks the kingdom of devil king Ravana. After the long and historical battle between Ravana and lord Rama, lord Rama finally kills Ravana and from that day onwards in order to celebrate the happiness of the good victory over evil Dusshera festival is celebrated.

Happy Dussehra Quotes in Hindi

The date of the Dusshera festival 2016 depends on upon the Hindu calendar. The festival is celebrated on the 10th day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Ashvin every year. 22nd October was the date when Dasara was celebrated in the year 2015 and in the year 2016, Dussehra will be celebrated on October 11th, 2016.

May this Dussehra,
light up for U.
The hopes of Happy times,
And dreams for a year full of smiles!
Wish you Happy Dussehra…..!!

Jaise Lord Ram ji ne Jeeta Lanka Ko,
Waise app bhi jeete saari duniya ko.
Is dussehre mil jaye app ko,
Duniya bhar ki saari khushiyan.
Happy dussera.. all of U..

Happy Dussehra Wishes in English

As the day marks the victory of good over evil, a replica idol of Ravana is made and burnt on this day so as to remember lord Rama and his victory over devil king Ravana. A popular play called Ramlila is performed in the different parts of the country narrating the complete story of “Ramayana”.
May Ram Always keep showering his blessing upon you. May your life be full of happiness and free from every trouble. Happy Dussehra!
Happy Dussehra to all my friends and I hope that this Dussehra brings joy and happiness to every one life…

Happy Dussehra Greeting Card with sms

In order to show their happiness people perform pooja’s at their residence and office and make different varieties of sweets on this day of Dussehra 2016 or Vijayadashami. This is the time when people forget all their enemies and greet each other by shaking hands or hugging each other.
Happy Dussehra Quotes Wishes Messages Greetings Whatsapp Status Happy Dussehra Quotes Wishes Messages Greetings Whatsapp Status Happy Dussehra Quotes Wishes Messages Greetings Whatsapp Status Happy Dussehra Quotes Wishes Messages Greetings Whatsapp Status

Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status in Bengali

The schools and colleges declare holidays during this festive time and the joy and the fever of the Dusshera 2016 festival get over everyone and the festival gets celebrated with great passion and enthusiasm.

Ravan ke rishtedaro ko dashehre ki badhaiyaa..

Din aaygega sabka sunehra… Isliye meri oar se Happy Dussehra.

Ravan Jalaao Burai ko aag lagaao Achchai ko apnaao Khub pio, khub khao.

Bura karoge to bura hi hoga..par achaai khaali kabhi nahi jaati. Shubh Dussehra.

Overall all it is the most celebrated festival all over the world and after 20 days of Dusshera we celebrate Diwali festival “the festival of light”.

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