Ramadan Fasting Rules, Benefit, Tips 2017 | Ramadan Fasting Timetable Start-End Date & Time


Ramadan Fasting Rules, Benefit, Tips 2017 | Ramadan Fasting Timetable Start-End Date & Time: It is not intended titled this article (work in Ramadan) talk about the good deeds and acts of worship legitimate Ramadan – also comes to mind at first glance – but throw away from our article this talk about the daily work – professional – during the month of Ramadan, and the statement of the people are doing to him. Some people – have seen but there are those who went the fact – that the Ramadan fasting causes disabling business and public interests mundane, and it reduces national production ratio, and some who do not morality has called on workers breaking the Ramadan fast, under the pretext of maintaining the level of production.

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The question is provided by our article this, and we would like to answer is: Is fasting really contrary to the interest of the national production and economic advancement? Or that it is otherwise.


And we hasten to say the beginning, we say: If there is a weakness in the level of production – the fact -Khalil month of Ramadan, it is not for the fast, but the reason for that – in fact – back to the habits and faulty practices practiced by many people during this holy month, If the issue is not fasting, but in the behavior of some of the fasters, this first.
Then on the other hand, we say that in the fast – when investigating – the benefit of any interest in the development and raise the level of production, our guide on this, that fasting, for example, eliminates a meal – at least – fall in working time, and this saves time can be tapped for the benefit of production, as well as it provided the volume of consumption. Unfortunately, here, we see a lot of workers – in other times – of wasting time in dealing with food, drink what no secret one, how can say – then – Fasting lowers production ratio, that this thing Ajab.

Ramadan Fasting Rules, Benefit, Tips 2017 | Ramadan Fasting Timetable Start-End Date & Time

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We also say that the economic benefits of fasting are that it prevents smokers from smoking, is known for each fair that the practice of smoking at work and in the other, the loss of time in it, and causing the weakness of my body and my soul for smokers, or what caused the economic and environmental health damage, Fasting, in fact, avoids all of these things that come back negative consequences on the individual and society at the same time.

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Moreover, we have to look at this issue from the perspective of the pros and cons and the balance between them, and from this we say: If fasting in Ramadan causes – a debate – a decrease in the level of production, we – in return – we must look at the positive effects achieved by fasting on the level social, economic, and when you consider the budget examiner and fair in this issue we see that the positive results of the largest and fasting greater than the negative consequences – this is assuming that the fast negative results – and whether the results of physical or moral urgent or futures results.


Benefits of fasting in Ramadan 2017

This is our article does not allow detail to say in those results, however, we limit ourselves to mention one result touches every one of us, which is that of fasting – if for what it is – it pays its owner to the dedication and excellence at work, giving up lost time, and all this in favor of production without Reap.

It Tarif mentioned in this context, that a Spanish businessman was proud Moroccan labor, who have been fasting and praying, and he encourages them to fast and takes care of himself creating their breakfast and Shoreham, he would find them of the seriousness and honesty, what does not find it at others.

Ramadan Fasting Rules, Benefit, Tips 2017 | Ramadan Fasting Timetable Start-End Date & Time

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In addition to the above, also say that matters of the Hereafter Introduction to worldly matters, as established in the origins of the law, he says: {and when God’s best kept you not understand?} .. (Stories: 60) He also said: {and when God good and kept for those who believe and trust in the Lord} .. (Shura: 36) thus, if we say – a debate – that fasting leads to lower production level, which should be a Muslim – to impose the health of it – to make something of religion on the lower order, this If there is a conflict between the duty of fasting, and the level of production, so how about if the truth is otherwise, he says: {If you obey Allah and His Messenger, no night of yours from your business something that God is Forgiving, Merciful} .. (cabins: 14) No Enqskm of your business something.
Then Alice in this holy month of fasting, which fosters a sense of the poor and suffering, what drives fasting right to solidarity with them, taking them by the hand to raise the economic level, and this, in turn, leads to the kind of economic and social balance between community members.

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In everything that we mentioned and others, evidence that fasting in Ramadan, which is no negative impact on the level of production, but the opposite is true, because it is not contained – do not mind the religiously – to be with God began spoiler to man, but all goodness as prescribed by God Almighty, he is the creator of the cult, He knows best what {fix them not to know to create a gentle expert} .. (King 14), and God Crown success.


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