Ramadan the month of blessing, mercy and forgiveness


Ramadan the month of blessing, mercy and forgiveness: Amnesty is kindly on the fault and the abuser tolerated overtaking, and not punished or treated similarly.
The amnesty of the attributes of God Almighty and characteristic of his approach Almighty attributes. He is the Almighty describes himself as being a {} {Pardoning, Forgiving and forgives many} {and} forgives sins. It’s pardon in Ramadan as stated in the verse: God knew that you were Takhtanon yourselves turned to you and pardoned you Beshrohn now, and seek what God has for you ..} (Al-Baqarah: 187). Get the Ramadan the Month of Mercy and Forgiveness important facts.


In Ramadan also she asked Ms. Aisha Prophet, peace be upon him, said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, if I know which night is Laylat al-Qadr, what I say it? He said: Say: (God loves you pardon amnesty forgive me) talk properly Narrated by Tirmidhi].

Ramadan the month of Blessing

God Almighty characterized by an amnesty, acting for clemency, pardons and forgives much for many, and the likes of slaves, asked forgiveness and please pardon. But he also likes pardon from His slaves with each other, he likes to pardon characterized by slaves among them. Why is Roza Important in Ramzan Month?


God has told us the Almighty for forgiveness and we want it in many ways and in multiple verses of Aziz writing, as in the saying: {and pardon closer to piety and do not forget the credit among} .. (Al-Baqarah: 237), it wanted the collection of piety and the attainment of the degree of the pious, the conduct of the amnesty and the creation of pardon of the means of piety.

Ramadan the month of blessing, mercy and forgiveness


Ramadan the month of Mercy

Verse has warned that one of the causes amnesty evoke what the mistaken pros and virtues, and already you and him the best and preferred; it should not be a defect or error erasing or Mahaka and void to the virtues of the people and their good deeds, and if so, it must be accompanied by good deeds for their mistakes, and that saving grace virtues of their flaws : {those who bow}; therefore But forgive nor forget credited with you.


It verses Alhadh to take an amnesty verse: {that seem good or conceal or pardon poor, Allah is Pardoning, Powerful}(women: 149) God Almighty tempted behavior amnesty because it is the same {was pardoned Mighty} Although the absolute ability, so is not incapable of nothing and no one, not afraid to blame for banquets and revenge avenger, and though that if anyone punished justly punished and the wisdom of insurance, though it forgives a lot, not punished, but where no benefit amnesty.


This means that human weak in front of others, in need of others, show anger and to act angry oppressor, is the need of the behavior of pardon and amnesty to create.

Ramadan the month of Forgiveness

In the verse: {though pardon browsed and forgive, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful} And he said: {But forgive and overlook, do you not wish that God will forgive you} alert on another cause of the reasons for the amnesty among the people, which they also love that God forgives them, and they love to themselves to take advantage from God’s pardon, and even amnesty from the people, Vlievo are also forgive all others. Ie: Fabzloa amnesty to you and others, as you ask for yourselves and for your mistakes.

The verse: {and repress anger and forgive people} is urging the private degree of amnesty, a pardon degrees in an hour of rage and anger and emotion, which is highly elusive.


People normally, even when they are inclined to pardon and forgiveness, for he is in a state of calm or a truce, and may have released them before that none of the angry reaction, from here, God Almighty commends special tribute to {and repress anger and forgive people} any who they are exempt in the case of rage and tension and pain from harm that they have suffered.

Ramadan the month of blessing, mercy and forgiveness

Ramadan the month of Freedom

In this sense, it is saying peace be upon him: (but patience-Undecided real-patience when the first shock) and saying: (not severe Babah but severe one who controls himself when angry) Agreed came.


This is the creation of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and the prophets before him, as stated in the hadeeth of Ibn Masood may Allah be pleased with him, he said: if I look at the Messenger of Allah bless him and tells the prophet of prophets and God and prayers for them, blow his people Vodmoh, as he wiped blood from his face and says: (O Allah, forgive the national, they do not know) agreed.

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