Story of Onam Festival in Malayalam Kannada English


We are presenting in this article story of Onam festival in different laguages. Hope, you enjoy it and after read this post you will impress to celebrate Onam festival and send Onam wishes, Onam cards to your friends, family.

India is a country which is also known as Sub-Continent since it is the land of diversity includes the different religions, habitat, and culture of different people across the nation. Onam is the big festival for the people of Kerala and it is the festival of the paddy harvesting, celebrates in the month of Chingam, which is the first month of the Malayalam Calendar and it falls on the spring season. According to the Gregorian calendar, Onam celebrates on the month of August or September.

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Story of Onam Festival

Usually, the Onam celebrations go for ten days but in some cases, it may become longer up to twelve days. The last day of the celebration is known as the Tiruvonam, which is celebrated in a grand manner. Behind this grand festival, there is a large number of stories about the kings, legends, and some historical evidence is found.


Story of Onam Festival in Malayalam Kannada English

History of Onam

The Onam festival celebration had been started around 1,500 years ago i.e., 700 AD. There was an evidence found that the celebration of Onam started over 1,500 years ago and it was a festival of paddy harvesting. According to the Malayalam Calendar, the year ends with the month of Karkidakam(July-August) and the state get more rainfall on this month which is helpful for the growth of crops cultivated. The New Year starts with the month of Chingam, which is celebrated as the Onam Festival. At the month of Chingam, the people of Kerala harvest their food grains in a large quantity all over the state and they fetch huge profit for their cultivation and so they celebrate their happiness as a festival which is known as Onam.

Story of Onam Festival in Malayalam Kannada English

Historical story of King Mahabali

The political evidence for the celebration of Onam festival is the King Mahabali, the demon king, who ruled the state of Kerala at the ancient period. King Mahabali was a brave and kind-hearted king and boon with a power given by Lord Brahma, who is known as the Creator and believed that Lord Brahma creates every creature in this world by the Hindus. Once upon a time there was a war started between the gods and at that time Lord Vishnu planned to destroy the power of King Mahabali. Vishnu knew that Mahabali will alms everything if anyone wanted him.

Story of Onam Festival in Malayalam Kannada English

Vamana Avatar

Lord Vishnu changed himself into an old, poor and dwarf Brahmin called Vamana Avatar because Mahabali was grant devotional to the Brahmins and he gave respect to them. Vishnu came to the kingdom of Mahabali to meet him and he said that he was a poor and asked him a piece of land. The kind-hearted king said that he should give as much of land as he wanted. So, the old Brahmin said that he wanted a line as much he could cover by his three steps. The king smiled and accepted his request. Shukracharya, a King Adviser, warned the King that the Vamana was not an ordinary man but the king ignored his advice and told the old Brahmin to take the land as much he wanted.

Story of Onam Festival in Malayalam Kannada English

At once the King agreed, the old man started to expand himself into a gigantic one as much he could that anyone couldn’t imagine the size. By his first step, he covered the whole earth and by the second step he covered the whole sky and then he asked the king that where is the space for his third step to place his foot. Then, the King realized that the Vamana was an extraordinary person and he came to know that for his final step he should destroy the earth. So, he wanted him to place his third step on his head and the Vamana placed his foot on the King’s head and pushed him into the hell. Finally, the Brahmin revealed himself as Lord Vishnu and told the King that he came to test him for his good deeds and the King was very happy for seeing Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu asked him a boon for him.

Mahabali’s Visit

The King asked Lord Vishnu that he could visit his kingdom for his people once in a year and at once Lord Vishnu accepted his kind request. For the sacrifice for his kingdom people, the King Mahabali still loves the people of Kerala and it is celebrated as an Onam festival for thanking the King for his visit to the Kerala.



The second day of the Onam is celebrated grandly because it is believed to the day of visit of King Mahabali to Kerala. On this day many people visit Trikkara Temple, which is believed as the capital of King Mahabali kingdom. The temple is devotional to the Lord Vishnu and it is especially known as Vamanamurthy

Hope you should enjoy the reading of the story of Onam festival and also read the Importance of Onam.


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