The Last Ten days of Ramadan | Ramadan Month programs & Family activities


We are all delighted Guest Karim, and was welcomed by all of us in his own way, each thought in preparation for a meeting with his investment probably the same way that we’re used to (fasting, maintaining the Tarawih prayer as we can, a lot of charity secret and in public, to invite friends and family for breakfast to take the reward of fasting breakfast, reward compassion and the ties of kinship), others are thought to be of Ramadan this year, slightly different than the worship of and develop them for the listed intentions and makes a positive change in the worship of himself and those around him. Get the latest info The Last Ten days of Ramadan from here.


But the honored guest is about to leave, I went ten mercy and forgiveness leaving only ten manumission
Can we think of a pause to recover what was planned for him to achieve what we watch over Rsdnah of goals and look at ways of continuing and completing any good or positive change has happened to us in Ramadan to be the beginning and not the end.

The Last Ten days of Ramadan activities

Other meanings to volunteer

At a university in Egypt, the students decided to work project (good dish) where each student or students who wish to participate in the project is to prepare a dish daily fluent made and the Bnglifa to attend the next day to the university and held market a charity to sell the yield to come back every day for the benefit of body or group children or students who Ihddonh.

The Last Ten days of Ramadan | Ramadan Month programs & Family activities

Virtues of the Last 10 Nights

Elsewhere a supervisors for a group of children decided to Ramadan this year, an opportunity the meaning of volunteering to change in children who oversees them to be a volunteer productive and be the charity of the work of their hands; where the children collecting old paper and sold to factories that re-synthesized again, then they are giving charity the proceeds in different ways.

Mothers projects

tells Mona mother of 3 daughters she decided to Ramadan this year will be an opportunity to intensify our collective worship with the daughters of sokka and maintain the dawn and save the Quran prayers. It is also this year targeted to train girls to recite reciting the morning and evening regularly in the group , while seeking to seal the Koran once. In addition to distributing Iftar meals to a group of men police escort.


But it goes on that study and exams and the work was an impediment to the continuation of the program as planned, and it was for busy girls examinations for some time, the impact of the interruptions in their commitment to implement what participants agreed upon, which delayed start reciting the Koran and Osabehn some of the despair of not being able to the possibility of sealing the Koran before the end of the month.

Praying in the last ten nights of Ramadan

And programs in the last ten days of Ramadan, said she did not plan them something specific, but is seeking to rectify what he has done and intends to focus on one goal: to intensify the commitment Balozkar in preparation for the beginning of Ramadan is adhered to and not an end. In addition to the continuation of what obesity this month to reduce the size of the quarrel between them and a commitment to save the tongue even during the fracas, and get ready to prepare for the feast of the ALMS Oabehn old clothes.

Good cards

either (or light) has a child in the ninth child in the seventh she says she was careful with her children on the attendance memorizing the Quran regularly, as well as training her daughter seven years on Siam full days, or new it has agreed with the portfolio of the Koran on the work of the small colored cards number of days of the holy month the children every day to pull a card from the cards to implement the good work of the day varies between the work of righteousness or doing charity , or help in the home or commitment to creating …


And programs in the last ten days said that the study does not give it the opportunity to do more, and everything in it is trying to comply with these acts.

The Last Ten days of Ramadan | Ramadan Month programs & Family activities

Dream tree

either (or from) the mother of a child at ten and two girls in the eighth and sixth, Vtga that often in the last ten days of Ramadan is busy parents prepare for the holiday, and in her opinion there is no one planning to ten nights something individually rather than planning programs Ramadan is planned for the month of beginning . And Tejrebnha with her family says she has made (the creation of a dream and not to rush) is the creation of this year. In the last ten days it continued to emphasize this creation and celebrate the results, as well as a starting point for after Ramadan constantly emphasizing coexistence with this creation … and smile has Jaetha idea be a celebration to bring the seed of a tree cultivated with her eldest son, who suffers from the rush and make him watching throughout the year sponsorship and growth with the growth of creating a dream inside to call him or her this that what Nbdah in Ramadan is the seeds of change that grows as you grow trees care and commitment, not intentions that are not followed by action continuing to change, and to make it a living example of the growth of the tree for each tangible what you are trying to enriches its meanings diligence to make any kind of change.

10 ways to maximise the last days of Ramadan

When I asked her Is this idea to have every chance of Ramadan to instill the seed of a new tree? Vtbasmt said: What an idea, if implemented, how many trees Snamr the world and our souls.

Programs and activities of the family

, and along with previous ideas can condensation from the practice of the following activities , which we will look to recall as many of us strive to do from the beginning of the holy month:
1. A lot of kinship visit or dial .. and the greatest relevance to the parents and then the closest next closest with choosing the right time, especially with the the advent of Eid congratulations and communicate it.
2. The daily lesson to family members a suitable date in which all family members sit for an easy, studying with the part of the book or offer it to discuss a topic, or ask the boys that all of them read a story told by one of the companions of the family in this time.
3. In the shadows of the verse: a short session for 10 minutes .. family before Taraweeh, followed by a young home reading an improved .. then followed by a parent on the verses .. linked with life, and can be the choice verses that parents see that they correspond to the ethics they want to instill in the souls of the young or linked to the behavior they want corrected.
4. Family contest can select a specific Surah of short verses of conservation during the remainder of the month ten days where kids and adults participate and distributed the awards ceremony in a family first day of Eid.
5. offertory box is placed in a prominent place in the house in which to accustom the beginning for the family to spend the diverse aspects of goodness, which puts all of the personal pocket money or make it part of Astgfarh for any offense committed by these days.
6 – wall magazine family members participate in various topics and then hang on the wall and the renewal of their themes and articles from time to time.
7 – audio library and is intended to take advantage of intra-times so that, for example, hear the mother in the kitchen of the tapes or useful programs during the preparation of meals or while driving Alsearh..ak.
8. Iftar prepare daily meals distributed to the fasting people in different places.
9. second-hand clothes and on the eve of the feast where the family gathering used clothing redundant and are washed and ironed for distribution to the poor and needy.

An opportunity to consolidate the change

attaches Professor Nevin Abdullah Chancellor social department, and one of the posts in the programs (free yourself) that Ramadan comes every year , bringing with him a breeze of change for the better often here is the family change its programs to meet for breakfast and Suhoor and brown them at odds General the whole in which we find the father often mired in its work and can not find enough time to sit down with their children and talk with them.
We find the mother reduces Aspetha unity and working to suppress her anger with her children influence their concern worship that makes it gave a bind God’s side and take the worship certain victuals on patience, forbearance and broad chest with her children, and even help her children calmer and a commitment to good manners of being with each other for their preoccupation with worship and their desire insatiable lust aids anger management wafting in the corners of the worship of Ramadan.

To come up with the idea of the appointment of the whole house to repress anger and Ramadan is a good opportunity to start a show idea to share with the children in the good work and not to leave the mother herself or her children to seek to fill the vacuum and problems vanities. Ramadan the month of blessing


Well it is an opportunity every father to make sure that if he had the intention and firm resolve to increase its presence in the lives of his children he will find the time even by taking them in the performance of his worship (prayer, the work of charity …) and then consolidate the relationship with them and find an opportunity to answer their questions .
And summarize to say that Ramadan an opportunity to consolidate a new, positive habits still fit the pattern of our lives.


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