Why is Ramadan important | Interesting facts about Ramadan month


Why is Ramadan important | Interesting facts about Ramadan month: Today is the tenth of the month of Ramadan, the month of blessing, goodness, forgiveness and the proximity of the Merciful, who is also the month of the great victory, tournaments and great conquests in the history of this nation was, God forbid, it is to be in Ramadan, and the children of my generation it was their luck to live in an atmosphere Championship of these tournaments , a victory tenth of Ramadan 1393 AH, a feat that historic day who returned to her country of Egypt and the Arab and Muslim feelings of pride and dignity, the day that God healed his breasts of folk who are believers, and their hearts go rage grace and mercy.


Tenth of Ramadan battle is the most important event and the most dangerous and biggest in modern history without conflict, the Arabs, the Egyptian armed forces have fought a battle in the same logic of the great Mujahid Tariq ibn Ziyad, when across the sea to Andalusia and burned the ships even cut way on any thought of escape or any possibility of defeat, he said, cloth that goes for example in history: the enemy in front of you and behind you and the sea.

Why is Ramadan important

The Egyptian army has fought the hero of that battle and he knows, and all of the Egypt know they battle to exist, because the Egyptian army refraction which if happened it would mean the end and the humiliation that dominates Egypt, God forbid, a full century later, at least.Because Egypt had been broken before six years refracts awful defeat in 1967, which insulted the Egyptian military as Egypt insulted Arabs and allowed the Zionist enemy to submit the same year as master and sole of the area, and the invincible army, already remained Award in the airspace over the years what is known as a war of attrition.

Why is Ramadan important | Interesting facts about Ramadan month


Tenth Of Ramadan Battle History

Egyptian army fought the battle and did not have any other possibility, either victory or patio, a horrible and awesome adventure on the psychological and moral level, he wrote God his clear victory thanks, Almighty, and so was the Egyptian army’s victory in the Tenth of Ramadan battle beginning of the refraction of the Israeli military, did not win Israel then the war of wars, even with the Palestinian or Lebanese organizations.

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Ramadan War I ended the myth of the invincible army, revealed this battle for Egyptian human metal, for the genius of the Egyptian fighter who choking tight hand and the limited possibilities simple ideas, but they have a surprise and creativity, as happened from the Corps of Engineers in the dismantling of the Bar-Lev line, and the face of the most US-Israeli Arms superior and sophisticated.


Nasr Ramadan abused him very much the policies chosen by the Egyptian leadership after that, both in the acceptance of the peace treaty or later of normalization procedures, and some took advantage of such decisions and orientations and tried Ahh dirt on the meaning of the great victory, and wrote many absurdities of the agreed battle scenario, and issue loophole Deversoir and amplify gravity, all the absurdities mixed up between Egypt army and the great victory of the hand, and the political leadership of errors in the investment value of this victory, so many insulting the Egyptian military and to the meaning of this wonderful victory we have lived his days like a beautiful dream or a fantasy that has passed Boukhatrna and we could not believe him before they wake up.

Why is Ramadan important | Interesting facts about Ramadan month

Will remain on the tenth of Ramadan, a symbol of the triumph of the will and the triumph of Arab dignity, will continue this great day a source of glory and pride and reverence surrounding the Egyptian military Bank amp throughout history, and remains a medal on the chest of every Egyptian fighters took part in the operations or attended them or cradle her, as we hope to be an intercessor righteous martyrs who sacrificed their lives smart and blood to God a quarter century ago, in order that I and my children and my sons enjoy dignity and pride live, blessed martyrs.


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